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20 October 2013 @ 04:28 pm
Some posts are Friends Only -mostly personal posts and ranties;-) If you want me to add you, please comment on this post.

Note: I love (LOVE!) new friends, but I'd like to ask you to please comment here if you add me. Just let me know from where we know each other, or why you friended me (fanfic, fandom, just thought I was super cool, etc. ;-). Because otherwise I might be all flabbergasted about strange new names on my friends list. ;-)

I friend pretty much everybody back, with the exception of blogs with heavy character (or other) bashing and blogs that are completely in a foreign language, cos I unfortunately wouldn't understand a word of those. ;-)
01 July 2012 @ 11:00 am

I've gotten the hang of potions on Pottermore, and I've been doing some serious potion brewing these days. ;-) I'll be darned if Slytherin doesn't win that house cup! Although, I keep thinking...maybe Gryffindor will win bc that would sort of be in line with the books. But I do know that snakes are eagerly brewing and dueling (still stink in that, btw)!

I've been feeling nostalgic about Potter (again...I need a new fandom). I wish those active times were here still, those times of active message boards & LJs, of waiting for photos from movies or theorizing about forthcoming books. I peeked at Mugglenet through the Internet Wayback Machine (web.archive.org) and went back to 2001 into a time when the first movie was eagerly anticipated and there were only four books. I wasn't in fandom back then, so it's been fun seeing all that stuff!

With that in mind, I splurged in Potter again.Collapse )

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27 June 2012 @ 07:00 pm
I finally registered at Pottermore and got sorted ... I'm a Slytherin! :-o I was kind of surprised bc I don't see myself as cunning or any of that traditional Slytherin stuff. I haven't ever had a favorite house; I've always seen myself as a mix of Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.
After I got sorted I was in denial for a while and did three more registrations. The results: Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Gryffindor. Then I realized that I was being silly and accepted my Slytherin-ness. Also, I read a fab article that discussed the Slytherins' desire to achieve greatness, and I thought, well, that's me. I like to achieve greatness, definitely, in all I do. Not that I achieve it, but I try. Also, the article mentioned how Rowling's perception of the houses is not the same as the fandom perceptions, which of course is true. So, I'm a content Slythie now. Of course, having Snape as my head of house is totally amazing, and I'm so going to pop into his office regularly to ask about all kinds of stuff (until he refuses to open his door any more, that is). 

Also, my wand has a dragon core, which is cool. It's laurel and 12 1/2 inches. My user name is JinxPumpkin376 (I was sure I'd end up in Hufflepuff with a name like that) - plz add me as a friend! :-)

Now, excuse me, I must go and check my Awakening Potion. Laters! 
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14 January 2012 @ 03:13 pm

I decided to start a new hobby in honor of the new year, and as usual, I've gone overboard with it. ;-) I always go overboard when I get excited about something. My new hobby is sewing!

This is where I tell you all about it (and even have pics...)Collapse )

So, that's that. In fandom-related news, my students love the Hogwarts Notice Board I've put up in my classroom. It contains paper props from the movies, stuff like Harry's letter from Hogwarts, some wanted posters of Harry from movie 5, Hogwarts Express timetable, and stuff like that. I told one group of students I might even bring my big Snape poster to school...only, my students are so young that they mostly think Snape is just "the nasty guy".

In Lost news, I did go back and start watching it again. And I have developed a little crush on Jack, which I've never had before bc I was a Sayid & Sawyer girl. How's that possible? 

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07 January 2012 @ 09:57 pm
Finished watching the final season of Lost. Man, I'm an emotional wreck. See, this is why I avoid finishing stuff. 

But I loved it. Loved it. I thought season 6 was great and gave at least to me a good emotional payoff and also answers to the most important questions. It didn't answer everything, but I'm okay with that; I feel it's in the show's spirit that not every single detail is explained. I thought the smoke monster's story was great and I really liked the side flashes, even though they weren't really happening. 

And goodness, Jack. I mean, I've often brushed him aside bc my OTP is Sawyer/Kate, but this season made me realize that he's just such a good guy. Flawed, yes, but such a decent, nice guy. I cried like a river in the last scene with him and Vincent in the jungle. Great idea to make it mirror the very first scene. 

Before watching this, I was probably the most scared of Sayid's death bc he was my first love in Lost, but it was okay. I'm surprised that I cried more at Jack's death that his. I do feel Sayid's story was a little underrated in the last season - they should have developed his change to the dark side better imo. 

The last scene in the church...I'm fine with it and it was beautiful, but the pairings were wrong, man. ;-) We know that some people lived long after the island, so for them to be in the "main" island ships was kind of odd, because surely they developed other strong relationships in their life. And Sayid and Shannon? Yes, they had a nice romance, but I always thought Nadia was his great love. <stubbornshippermodeon> Oh well, I'm choosing to think that the pairs in the church represent important relationships while they were on the island, but for example for Sawyer and Kate who left together...not the final thing. <stubbornshippermodeoff>

Now I'm SO tempted to watch Lost from season 1 again. See you in another life, brotha. 

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06 January 2012 @ 10:44 pm
Every now and then I must watch this video, because Sawyer's nicknames are simply legendary. My favorites are Metro (Boone), Rambina (Ana-Lucia), Mamacita (Claire), Captain Falafel (Sayid), and of course, Freckles <3 (Kate).

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Big news: I finished Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4. :-D Well, I finished playing through it once, I'm still only at 32% - maddening! Oddly enough, I like Lego Pirates of the Caribbean more, so I'm back to trying to complete that (I suck at games, I truly do, but I still love playing them). Next I'll get Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7, but not quite yet: Severus, my snooty car had a broken disc or something in one of the wheels and it needed to be repaired. That meant bye-bye to both the game and the summer travel money I had saved up. Ah, the joys of being a car owner. 
Btw, yes, Severus is lean, mean, and black. ;-)

I noticed Leaky is running a fun contest for January: "Think up a magical accident Harry might have had during his childhood with the Dursley's and describe it in 750 words or less." First prize is a wand, so I'm tempted to participate since don't have a wand. Hmmm...the possibilities. 

I've been watching Lost season 6, and so far it's been okay. A couple of Skate moments only, but I'm hoping for more. At least Sawyer/Juliet is now over, yes! Good to see so many of the cast from the earlier seasons back in the flash sideways, too. 

Aside from Lost, I've been watching a very interesting documentary on Youtube, called Amish, the world's squarest teenagers. It's a British documentary about five Amish teens (actually the oldest is 23) who come to Britain to experience modern life for the first time. It's made me think how desensitized we've become to various things - especially the Amish girls' shock at various things is frankly, refreshing. I for one would like to live a simpler and more quiet life, and I think it's wonderful that such innocent people still exist in this world. Then again, I am a practicing Christian and rather conservative, so I watched this with a certain bias. Of course I recognize the problems associated with the Amish culture, too (banning art and lack of educational opportunities being the biggest ones imo). But anyone who's interested, here's the first part, the rest can be accessed fr
om the sidebar: Amish, the world's squarest teenagers, part 1.
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31 December 2011 @ 05:41 pm
Well, I finally watched it after having tried to put it off for ages. I'm glad I didn't watch it in the movie theaters; I'd have been a blubbering idiot. I don't think I can put together a coherent review or anything right now, but just some thoughts. 


I loved, loved, loved it. Very well done. It was a very intense watching experience, so I doubt I'll watch it again anytime soon, though.


-Snape right at the start. <3
-McGonagall's "I've always wanted to try that spell" giggle and McGonagall overall.
-The Harry-centredness (is that a word?) of it: "Emmione" has usurped time and lines from many characters and almost seemed like the main character in the previous movies, but now Harry was at the centre stage, just has he should be, and Hermione and Ron were equal as his sidekicks. Loved that dynamic. 
-Snape's memories. I just watched them speechless: could it be that the moviemakers got something so right? Well, they did. The scene where Snape cradles the dead Lily was particularly amazing. The only thing that made me go "whut" was how distorted Snape's face was at the beginning of the memories when he was talking to Dumbledore on that cliff. They had obviously digitally altered his face to make him look younger, but in that scene I was expecting him to polyjuice into someone else bc of the face morphing. ;-)
-Neville & Luna. I thought it fit this movie pretty well, but I do wonder why the filmmakers made such a change.
-Bill Weasley. Because he and his flaming hair just rock my socks. 
-The epilogue. I never got people's hatred for it bc it is the ultimate payoff that at least I wanted ever since the first book: Harry having a family. Loved how he gave advice to Albus, and I thought the trio and Ginny looked pretty good, not too young at all. 

Didn't quite love:

-Snape's "death" scene. Nothing like I had imagined. "Look at me" was the worst part, not enough impact in it. I always imagined it to be a very passionate plea. 
-Fred's death: he's been in the movies since the beginning, so please show him die, for wandssakes. Now he just lay there, and I bet some people never realized it was one of the twins. I did like Ron's reaction to it, though, very well done by Rupe.
-Now, you probably know I'm an insane R/Hr shipper. Now you also know that I didn't think the R/Hr kiss was that good. Yes, I've seen it on Youtube many times, but I never saw it in its proper context and frankly, my little shipper heart has been happy with any small crumbs that fall from the table of Kloves & Co.
Anyway, first of all, the kiss came from nowhere. At least in the books we had the falling fangs and stuff, but here it was just *bam* water *bam* kiss. I really wish they had at least made R/Hr look at each other for a second or two before. Also, as much as I like Rupe, I wasn't too fond of staring at his scalp during the kiss. But still, it's a kiss. :-)

Can't think of anything else right now...oh, one more thing: Snapeneverdiedthankyouverymuch. ;-)
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31 December 2011 @ 02:53 pm

Here are the DA season 1 icons I mentioned in my previous post. All the usual rules apply, hope you like them! :-)



The rest here.Collapse )

First some pimpage: This girl makes awesome YA book reviews on Youtube. If you're interested, check out her channel. 

I'm back to making icons, and I luv it. I have some Potter icons in my previous post, and currently I'm making Downton Abbey (season 1) icons. I'm having a blast, but I have to say one thing: that chap who plays Matthew - very hard to get good shots of him. He tends to pucker his mouth in nearly every screencap I have, and while I plan to make a couple of humor icons, too, I'd like to get some decent ones of him, at least for shipping purposes. Ah well, maybe in season 2.
By the way, any hints on where I should post my icons once I'm finished? I know where to post my Potter icons, but is there a DA icon community, or even a semi-active general DA community? Where do DA fans gather?

I've given up on Merlin for now. I never like to give up on anything, but I just had to. I'm on holiday and I want to watch things I actually enjoy. I didn't enjoy Merlin - I felt it lacked a coherent storyline, I couldn't get attached to any of the characters, and I hate magical creatures, which were rampant in the episodes. Don't know what it is, but I just get this icky feeling when there are monsters on my screen, no matter how mythological. And that said, no, I don't like Buckbeak/Witherwings either. I know, I'm horrible. 

On a final note, this is the maiden voyage of my lovely Skate icon. <loves Skate>. That reminds me of that I must make some Lost icons soon, too...
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